Community Conversations and Education to Continue     

LOUISVILLE, KY. (August 13, 2015) – Star BioEnergy, formerly Nature’s Methane, has reaffirmed its commitment to locate anaerobic digester facilities in Louisville, even as it has been removed from the plans for the West Louisville FoodPort. The company provided additional details about its plans, including a potential relationship with GE Power and Water to purchase technology that will be used in Louisville.

GE, through its line of Monsal advanced anaerobic digestion systems, offers technology to companies like Star BioEnergy. These systems safely and effectively convert organic food, out of date food products, food scraps from commercial processing facilities and other organic materials into renewable natural gas that can be added into the city’s natural gas grid. GE’s Monsal technology is proven with hundreds of global installations.  “Our Monsal anaerobic digestion systems are a reliable way to convert organic waste into biogas,” said Yuvbir Singh, general manager, engineered systems—water and process technologies for GE Power & Water. “GE is committed to helping customers solve their toughest challenges, reduce their environmental footprints and move toward energy neutrality.”

Star BioEnergy has announced plans to build a facility in partnership with Heaven Hill Brands at 17th Street and Maple, adjacent to Heaven Hill’s Louisville operations.

Larry Kass, Director of Trade Relations for Heaven Hill Brands, explained: “Heaven Hill Brands takes pride not only in our award winning Bourbons and portfolio of distilled spirits products, but also in the fact that we produce them in an environmentally responsible manner. As the 2014 Medium/Large Business winner of the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s Environmental Pacesetter Excellence Award, we were very interested when we were approached by Nature’s Methane to participate in a program that would drastically reduce the amount of spent grain that is hauled away each day by trucks or put into the MSD system. The proposed biodigesters at the 17th Street facility will allow Heaven Hill to directly pipe over our stillage to be naturally and safely processed, reducing truck traffic and lessening the burden on the city’s infrastructure and potential environmental impact. We strongly believe this is a proposal that solves problems for the California neighborhood community, rather than, as has been suggested, creates new ones.”

“These projects have the potential to help Louisville achieve many of its goals to become more sustainable,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “I am pleased that Nature’s Methane will continue to meet with community members to provide education and listen to concerns, and am confident as people learn the facts about this process, that they will become more comfortable with these facilities. The digesters will add green jobs to our economy, and safely create clean, renewable energy.”

Keith Hackett, Louisville Metro Director of Solid Waste Management Services added, “Biodigesters offer a tested, safe technology for turning food waste into clean energy. With Louisville’s significant food and beverage job sector, there is a need to continue to explore opportunities like biodigesters, which provide green energy and green jobs. Louisville already has two working biodigesters with the need for more.”

“Anaerobic digesters have successfully coexisted in both rural and urban communities for many years, providing great value. As cities continue to grow, and increased demands are put on resources, more and more communities will be looking to anaerobic digesters as the solution,” said Steven Estes, CEO of Star Energy, the parent company of Star BioEnergy. “We at Star Energy are looking forward to being a leader in this community as it relates to renewable energy and civic responsibility and engagement. We are excited to become a member of this community and be part of its continued growth. We will continue to work with the city, community leaders, residents and businesses to understand how we can work together.”